Dating is a chore

June 27, 2017

Talking dating, relationships and hearing what Patti Stinger from Millionaire matchmaker -The sex and love report has to say on tips to not be single.


Bachelor in Paradise and Pop Culture Overload

June 13, 2017

What the heck happened in Mexico? Team Corinne? sex? Rape? No more B.I.P??! Katy Perry live streams - why? The real reason, theories and 5 things we learned from it. And of course no episode would be complete if we didnt talk about our Vanderpump rules gang. To catch the added version of this episode find your Morning After on Patreon.


Beauty Bible - Answering Beauty Questions

June 11, 2017

We got a lot of great beauty related questions. For tips, tricks, what works and what doesnt press play.

This is all beauty related. Pics on both Ashley and Lindseys Instagram will have a post of pictures of some products they recommend. To get more beauty tips & inspired check out the thread on Ashleys instagram of all great beauties nand their fun beautiful looks!


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Friendship Fail

June 1, 2017

Ashley & Lindsey talk about how friendships change in your 30's. The drama, the deception, and when to say goodbye...


And So It Is, Pretty Wild

May 22, 2017

Ashley & Lindsey welcome Liz Bentley to recap, discuss and talk about where the family is now from the E! reality show Pretty Wild.

To hear more on Alexis and her recovery listen to the podcast "Inside Addiction"

So much more that was not discussed so next week visit out Patreon page for more on these crazy girls and their double life - webcams, drugs and more.

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Raise Your Glass VPUMP

May 21, 2017

Ashley & Lindsey talk about Vanderpump Rules cat. From breakups, to "fake breakups" The casts secrets and is Stassi back with Patrick? To hear Part 2 find Your Morning After on Patreon. Links on ashestoooashes on twitter and instagram


Politically Incorrect

May 16, 2017

Hot Topics

May 1, 2017

Recapping The Casey Anthony Trial

April 21, 2017

Lindsey and Ashley discuss the trial and their theories.

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Show Circus

April 15, 2017
Discussing Big Little Lies - our theories.
The standout moment on VanderPump rules reunion Part2
Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise udates
Mid way thru we do a quiz 'Fact or Fiction' Test how smart you are (and not so smart)
THEN ending with podcast recaps - more so ranting about our favorite podcasters.
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