Laws of Attraction

November 5, 2017

Ashley and Lindsey have different perspectives on dating and relationships. Hot topic debates on these questions. Is calling a co-worker a work husband or work wife okay? Should your s/o have a curfew?


High & Low Points of our Favorite Podcasts

November 3, 2017

Recapping the highlights of our favorite podcasts, such as Juicy Scoop-Anna Nicole Smith, "My parents adopted a 27 yr old man who murdered their adopted parents," Straight up with Stassi, Bitch Bible, relationship issues, and ending it out with pop culture updates!


Recap of Dirty John

October 16, 2017

Recapping the series podcast from the LA Times Dirty John. If you have not listened to this podcast I would listen to it before this episdoe. Spoliers! We go into our thoughts and theories on the odd, scary and crazy story of John Meehan


Hot Topics

September 30, 2017

Wendy Williams scandal, Juice may be loose? Kardashians, Deabtable & topics. PressPlay for girl talk and theories


Morning After Hangover

September 17, 2017

Covering favortite podcasts from Juicy Scoop, Bitch Bible, Straight up with Stassi and ending with what is happening in pop culture. #presspay


Men v Women

September 15, 2017

Ever tell your s/o "You just dont get what I am saying?" or "Why dont you care?" Well science breaks down how our brains are wired differently. Learn how your partner thinks. Then have them listen.


How I found out my bf was cheating

July 23, 2017

Reading your emails "How I found out my s/o was cheating" Lindsey & Ashley read several of your stories. For more stories like these go to patreon .com/yourmorningafter

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Big Brother Recap with Troy McEady

July 12, 2017

Ashley guest co-host Troy McEady talk all about Big Brother 19, breaking down each houseguest, spoilers, live feed recap, predictions and more!


BB19 Spoilers as of Sunday 7-2

July 2, 2017

Who self evicted, who was nominated, who won Veto, who got the tempation of saftey for 3 weeks and did this person need it this week.

Recapping the last 72 hours quickly. Will have more thoughts tomorrow. Will update how the campaining is going and where the votes are sitting at along with any alliance shifts. 


** As we all get a bit more familair with voices and who is who these will be easier to follow along. I will be watching all the feeds and giving you the best info. Expect a more thorough recap tomorrow and discussing thoughts on each player and their future in the house.


Dating is a chore

June 27, 2017

Talking dating, relationships and hearing what Patti Stinger from Millionaire matchmaker -The sex and love report has to say on tips to not be single.