The Congden Murders

February 22, 2018

Bonus episode! Elizabeth Congdon, a millionaire was found dead with her nurse in her 20,000 estate mansion. Elizabeth adopted 2 girls. One of the girls was troubled and deaths surrounded her. Was it pure coincidence or was she a factor in her mothers death?


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February 14, 2018

Talking about Robert Durst in the documentrary The Jinx, covering the show Versace, Recapping stassis podcast and hearing about Lindseys AWKWARD date - uodate on this! next week we will cover what Lindsey found it - very odd!


Terra Newell Guests From The Podcast Dirty John

February 8, 2018

Ashley & Lindsey interview Terra from the very popular podcast Dirty John. This story appeared on Dateline, Dr. Oz, The Today Show and so many other outlets. Terra answers and clarifies unanswered questions.

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January 29, 2018

Ashley and Lindsey recap dating and ghosting in the podcast Straight Up With Stassi, how important sexual communication is in the podcast Sex With Emily, and where has Jackie Schimmel from The Bitch Bible been? Also discussed is an episode from the podcast Fame Is A Bitch, relating to the drama of the now cancelled movie by Louis C.K. Has the MeToo Movement gotten so out of hand that we have become desnsitized by it all?



January 23, 2018

Ashley and Lindsey cover some of the most famous heists and criminals. They also discuss the latest updates with The Bachelor, and recap recent podcasts such as Heather Dubrow and Straight Up With Stassi. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy!



Beauty Bible Bonus

January 11, 2018

BONUS: This is for the makeup and skin lovers. Its all about makeup, what facials work, aesthetics and getting treatments and skincare to get your skin glowy and dewey. Get clear even skin toned


Married, Cheating & Lost Friends

January 8, 2018

Ashley & Lindsey recap some podcasts mixed in with your questions. From "Should i tell my friend her fiance is cheating a few weeks before the wedding?" "Is looking through your s/o's phone okay?" Married, cheating and lost friends. PressPlay - Have a question? Email


Everything New

January 4, 2018

Lindsey & Ashley recap podcasts from Stassi witnessing a guy dying to Sex With Emily's dating and sex statistics. PressPlay


Christmas Bonus

December 23, 2017

Lindsey & Ashley answer questions about themselves and eachother, friendship fails, past relationships, lessons, regrets and moving nforward. Happy Holidays!


Juror Number 6 - Guest Jami Rice

December 19, 2017

Guest Jami Rice from Murderish Podcast tells her story being a juror foreman in a homicide case. A couple gets into a fight that turns deadly out of rage. We hear from juror number 8 from the crime in and outside the courtroom.