You Asked, They Answered

June 13, 2018

This week Ashley and Lindsey answer your dating and relationship questions. From "Should I reach out to re-connect with an ex?" to "Should I be in a relationship soley for security?" they answer listener questions and give you their best advice.


Lindseys CRAZY dates

June 5, 2018

Lindsey and Ashley catch up. Lindsey shares her dating experiences from the past 2 weeks, from a guy who blew her off, to another guy 'saving' her to a stalker guy that we try and figure out who is sending her BIZARRE text messages - very scary!! We called him & got a  disturbing respnse...


Plot twist

May 23, 2018

Ashley is alone this week. So many stories covered and past stories updated. + Remember the girl who texted her date who she had only seen once 65,000 times and she was later found in his bath tub? get the updated full story, hear her speak in the interview and a whole lot more on this girl. +  Stephanie Adams - former playmate double suicide, bringing her 7 year old son with her. + ANDD of course a Bravo recap. Thomas' ex gf is speaking out about their relationship - did Thomas cheat on Ashely? What does Patricia have to say and sooo much more unravels.


So Many Scandals

May 20, 2018

Ashley and Lindsey discuss Thomas from "Southern Charm" allegations, unpopular opinion on "Vanderpump Rules", "Teen Mom" scandals, and a quick recap of the Royal Wedding.


Over It

May 9, 2018

Ashley and Lindsey discuss the Kardashians, a potential lawsuit against Stassi, stories in the news, and Ashley gets a quick talk therapy sesh in.


Laurel House

May 2, 2018

We ask dating expert Laurel House for dating advice. Laurel tells us the Do's & Dont's o dating profiles, who should be paying on dates and what you should and should NOT be doing before the first date.

You may know Laurel from season 1 of Famously Single, she has published 5 books and has made many appearances on other shows and podcasts. Get confidence and hear some expert advice from the BEST! You can learn more about Laurel on her website


Criminally Cultured

April 25, 2018

This week Ashley and Lindsey talk about whats going on in pop culture, interesting crime stories, and when "dating" becomes a "relationship."


Analyze This

April 17, 2018

Ashley Lindsey talk with dave - going over dating and relationships. Answering your questions and getting a him and her perspective. Part 2 will be on   For 20% off your favortite salon grade hair products visit SparkSalonStyle/ enter code Ashley at checkout


Weekly Run Down

April 10, 2018

Your weekly run down this week. Discussing several topics in under 30.  From the FB murder, Donald Trump, Dating & so much more.



April 7, 2018

Ashley talks with Dave and gets a guys perspective on many of your questions. Hear a "Him and her' perspective on dating and relationships. *Note Dave and I were pretty tired the day of recording and he was a bit shy doing this episdoe.